Md Saifuz Zaman
  • Lecturer


Md. Saifuz Zaman is primarily interested in jurisprudence, public law, and political philosophy. His teaching is focused on jurisprudence, administrative law, government and politics, public international law, and human rights law. He also teaches environmental law with a focus on how legal regulation of the environment contributes to the development of both administrative law and environmental law.

In addition to taking credited regular courses, he often conducts non-credited seminar courses and workshops. His seminar course Critical Thinking Skills for Law Students has been much beloved by the participants. He is currently designing another seminar course which will focus on legal skills.

His current research includes the legitimacy deficit in the making of delegated legislation in Bangladesh, widening the scope of the doctrine of state action, the administrative regime of environment protection in Bangladesh, and judicial incorporation of international human rights law.

He is the chairperson of two university committees, namely, the Cultural and Literary Committee, and the Media and Public Relations Committee. In addition to this, he is a member of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee, the Committee for University Automation, the Research Committee, and the Debating Committee, all are university committees. At the Department of Law, he is a member of the Academic Committee and the Departmental Examination Committee, and an advisor to the Law Society, the Department’s student body. He is the founding moderator of the ZHSUST Debating Society.

He is keenly interested in outreach activities. He proposed to establish the ZHSUST Human Rights Outreach Program which will work in building awareness of human rights in wider society. This proposal is currently under consideration of the university authority to implement.

Besides his interests in law and political philosophy, recently he has been courting automation and artificial intelligence, especially the ethical and legal implications of automated decision-making, since he became a member of the University Automation Committee.

Mr. Zaman has been educated at the University of Dhaka where he earned his LLB (Honours) and LLM degrees, and in the latter he stood second in his class. During his studies there, he has been trained in jurisprudence, constitutional law, and intellectual property law by the leading scholars of those subjects in the country.

He is interested to collaborate in topics of public law (mostly constitutional law and to some extent administrative law) and applied political and legal philosophy.

Academic Qualifications

• LLM, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
• LLB (Hons), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


• Jurisprudence
• Administrative Law
• Government and Politics
• Public International Law
• Human Rights Law


• Constitutional law
• Administrative law
• Environmental law

University Clubs

• Founding Moderator, ZHSUST Debating Society, 2023 – Present

Other Activities

• Chairman, Cultural and Literary Committee, 2016 – Present
• Chairman, Media and Public Relations Committee, 29 Mar 2023 – Present
• Member, Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee, 2021 – Present
• Member, University Automation Committee, 29 Mar 2023 – Present
• Member, Research Committee, 2023 – Present
• Member, Debating Committee, 2018 – Present
• Member, Narcotics Control Committee, 29 Mar 2023 – Present
• Member, Freshers Reception Organising Committee, 2022– Present
• Member, University Foundation Organising Committee, 2022 – Present
• Member, Departmental Academic Committee, 2014 – Present
• Member, Departmental Examinations Committee, 2019 – Present